We accelerate your SAP Business Warehouse

What is SparrowBI?

We accelerate your SAP Business Warehouse.

Fast Engine for your SAP BW Cubes

The value of business intelligence and decision support systems highly depend on the performance of the underlying data store.

Our solution acts as storage and query processing engine which fetches and aggregates results of queries on behalf of your SAP Buiness Warehouse (BW) system. We hereby rely on modern columnar storage formats and massive parallel processing based on state of the art cloud-native BigData technology.

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Uses Standard Nearline Interface

The Nearline Storage Interface was introduced in SAP Business Warehouse already in release 7.0 and is supported since then. It's open for third party vendors and is used as well by SAP itself.

For connecting our fast storage engine to the SAP Business Warehouse system we rely on the so called Nearline Storage Interface. Using the Nearline Interface guarantees seamless operation of our solution side by side with the existing Business Warehouse. This interface manages the update request processing as well as the query offloading and OLAP result processing. The Nealine Interface is the easiest way to get SparrowBI connected to the BW system.

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Protection of Investment

Our customers invested a lot in the preparation and analysis captured in the reports of a SAP Business Warehouse system. The reports are business critical or have legal impact.
Our solution strives to keep this investment valuable and makes it possible to move forward in an cost-efficient and agile manner. Beside a simple setup procedure and some standard actions in the admistrator workbench no further changes to cubes or queries are necessary.

  • Low capital and operational expenses!
  • Reuse existing investments into SAP BW/BI!
  • Cloud technology enables future innovation!

The Benefits

What you get and why you should choose SparrowBI?

Performance by effective storage and parallel execution


By using state of the art BigData storage technologies and parallel execution, which scales in the cloud, our solution provides performance comparable to SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) or Business Warehouse on HANA.

Easy to deploy and operate


You can setup the solution in a few hours. The administration of the solution can be done by the Business Warehouse experts themself through the standard SAP user interface. If you don't like the solution you can revert back using the same standard tools.

Price performance champion


We provide our service at a very competative monthly rate. We benefit here from the underlying cloud price structure and pass this benefit to our customers. The pricing is transparent and easy to understand. There are no long term contracts or hidden costs.

Enables new workloads and use-cases


More than one Business Warehouse system can be connected to our product, which can easily shuffle around the data of a whole cube. This makes it e.g. possible to try out new things in a test system with fresh data from the production system.

Data is stored safely, access is monitored transparently


Data is transmitted through cryptographically secured channels, stored persistently and redundantly and access is tighly controlled and monitored on a request basis. We strictly follow international security standards.

Resilient cloud-native software architecture


A scalable and resilient cloud-native software architecture hosts the storage and query engine and ensures that you get the performance when you want in the capacity you need. Accessible monitoring data gives insight to the current state of the cubes, upload requests and queries.

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Usage Scenarios

Nearline Storage (NLS)

Archive your SAP Buiness Warehouse (BW) cubes to SparrowBI. This will safe storage cost by reducing the volume of data for cubes and aggregates on local storage systems. On top of that reporting data from archived cubes will be much more performant than before.

Cross-System Reporting

Upload daily data from your production system and use this data for development and testing queries across system-boundery. Therefore you get a much more realistic and valuable testing environment.


Gain the full power of SparrowBI with virtual cubes: When queries are handled by the Nearline Interface the joins with masterdata are done in the SAP OLAP processor. This can be very slow. With virtual cubes SparrowBI can handle this join internally and therefore do this job much more performant.


If you have important queries, you can mark them for pre-calculation. We will pre-calculate this results and keep them up-to-date whenever the underlying data changes. This is especially interesting for dashboarding when instantanious feedback is important for user experience.