Focus on business questions

Use data to support decision processes without getting lost in technical details.

The goal of Agile Data Warehouse methods is flexibilization by reducing the time a BI project needs to add value to the business. Agile Data Warehouse claims the following tenets:

  • The individual and dialog over processes and tools.
  • Working Data Warehouse solutions over lengthy documentation.
  • Collaboration with domain experts and stakeholders over contracts.
  • Reacting to changes is more important than following a detailed plan.

In current environments the BW exprets have to do considerable effort just to handle technical difficulties which stem for the technical platform without gaining value for the business. SparrowBI simplifies the work of the BW experts, who can then concentrate on the core of the domain questions.

SparrowBI provides the solid foundation for agile BI development. Effort for modelling is reduced and has not be adapted during iterations. Data, storage capacity and computing power is available on demand.

Further possibilities & information

Cross-System Reporting

Upload daily data from your production system and use this data for development and testing queries across system-boundery. Therefore you get a much more realistic and valuable testing environment.

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