More data without extra cost

Taming the costs while facing increasing growth.

Companies have to store more and more data. Every transaction has to be filed and reported relieably. And that is just the traditional part of the data warehouse story. The more decision processes depend on key performance indicators the more data has to be considerd to get to better decisions. Data driven decisions relying on detailed data analysis is getting a key strategic advantage for enterprises.

The operators of a SAP Business Warehouse system depending on a relational database system and a storage area network have to spend a considerable fincancial as well as operational effort to satisfy persistence- and reliability requirements.

  • It's problematic that enterprise storage systems like relational databases or SAN scale vertically.
  • These system require expensive special hardware and on premise ressource have to be provided.
  • This leads to disproportionate captial expenditure requirements. This is contrasted with stagnating or slowly growing benefit the user gains through the systems.

SparrowBI scales horizontally running on of the shelf hardware. By using a file-based storage format and and operation massivly parallel the data is just loaded during the query processing. This minimizes utiliziation of CPU and RAM ressources to a few seconds. This makes cost-efficient growth of the data warehouse possible.

What possible savings are hidden in your data?

Cost growth vs. increased benefit

For a company it's hard to determine the real cost of storage per GB of data in BW. Multiple factors account into the calculation. A typical value are around 3.30$ per GB and month for a combination of relational database and a SAN.

Amount of data in fact tables, which can get externalized from the BW

Around 33% of the data in BW consists of records in fact tables or aggregates. By using SparrowBI the BW can be reliefed of storing and querying this amount of data. This reduces the load on on premise infrastructer and therefore safes cost. By reducing the data by 1.5TB one safes around 4950$ per month.

Further possibilites & information

Nearline Storage (NLS)

Archive your SAP Buiness Warehouse (BW) cubes to SparrowBI. This will safe storage cost by reducing the volume of data for cubes and aggregates on local storage systems. On top of that reporting data from archived cubes will be much more performant than before.

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